About Youth Intelligentsia

What is YI?

Youth Intelligentsia is a platform for positive and constructive minded youngsters to join hands to explore the mysteries of their potential. Youth Intelligentsia has been operating since 2011 in different institutes of Karachi to engage the youth in productive activities.

At YI, we believe that all roads to development lead through Character-building and purification of thought; That it is the combination of positive thought and morally upright action that makes development possible. As such, these two goals form the cornerstone of all our policies, defining who we are and what we do.

~Despite The Obstacles,
Despite The Limitations,
Despite The Naysayers
We Rise!!~

What We Do?

Working towards an array of strategic objectives, Youth Intelligentsia organizes events and activities for youth.

Our Training and Development primarily focuses on designing programs through which the youth can unleash their real potential. With an emphasis on Iqbal’s concept of ’Khudi’, we conduct leadership conferences and workshops aiming towards developing collective-social, moral, and intellectual-consciousness among the participants.

In a war of narratives, we have been continuously presenting the alternatives to broken compass of Western Civilization.

Nonetheless, our team focuses towards providing immediate relief to those in need. As per principles laid by Islam, welfare is an essential part of a Islamic Society. To achieve this feat, YI has conducted programs with renowned international and national NGOs such as HHRD, Akhuwat, Indus Hospital, Al-Khidmat etc. During the ongoing COVID'19 Pandemic, we distributed Eid Gifts among more than 20,000 people under the banner of our “Mall of Humanity” program. Youth Intelligentsia was first among youth organizations to respond against Awaran Earthquake in 2013.

What we aim to do?

Youth Intelligentsia foresees it members as individuals who are patriotic and value-oriented, and would not shy away from defending their country, her Islamic legacy and her core ideology.

Through a gradual and effective strategy, these individuals will work to eventually achieve a social change; the eventual goal of which would be to see the individual, society, and her institutions evolve and grow.

More concisely, we want to create an intelligentsia- entrepreneurs, intellectuals, professionals - that are not individualistic and career-centric in their life, rather theh concern themselves with the wellbeing of the society and are essentially full-time social leaders.