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Youth Intelligentsia is a platform for positive and constructive-minded youngsters to join hands to explore the mysteries of their potential. Youth Intelligentsia has been operating since 2011 in different institutes of Karachi to engage the youth in productive activities.


Mission Statement

To create an outstanding group of individuals with a developed collective social, moral, and intellectual consciousness.


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Youth Intelligentsia is a growing platform of energetic, motivated and purpose-oriented Youth, working tirelessly for the development of Pakistan.

What began 10 years ago as an idea amongst a small group of youth, has now grown into a reality that has impacted Tens of Thousands of individuals and families every year over the course of its journey.

May YI keep growing and may the caravan journey through countless more milestones and keep positively impacting countless more souls on its way ahead. Ameen


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21 November 2021

Blind Faith

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Many a times in our life, we are accused of holding "Blind Faith" on Quran and Sunnah.

Many a times we are reminded to base important life decisions on "Rational" grounds, instead of listening to "Medieval advice".

But before we get down to answer these questions, there are some even more fundamental questions to consider:

What is faith? Why it is even important? Is our belief in Islam a mere leap of faith? Or Islam really signify the need of reason? And Is it even "Logical" for a Muslim to ignore the teachings of Quran and Sunnah in any matter?

Join us to discover this interesting discussion of "Naqlia" and "Aqalia" with respect to Islamic Sciences.