Our Team.


President Address

Maaz Siddiqui

Youth Intelligentsia is a growing platform of energetic, motivated and purpose-oriented Youth, working tirelessly for the development of Pakistan.

What began 10 years ago as an idea amongst a small group of youth, has now grown into a reality that has impacted Tens of Thousands of individuals and families every year over the course of its journey.


May YI keep growing and may the caravan journey through countless more milestones and keep positively impacting countless more souls on its way ahead. Ameen


General Secretary

Anas Hashmi

“Youth is the segment of society symbolic of change; Symbolic of energy, motivation, spirit and the will to face the world alone.

Youth Intelligentsia aims to channel this boundless force to build a better future.

To all those striving for change, we invite you to be a part of team Youth Intelligentsia and work together for a better Pakistan.”

Our Team


Uzair Ahmed

Director Operations

Hamza Qureshi

Director Training and Development

Annas Khan

Director Publications and Media

Huzaifa bin Wakil

Director Finance